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The first and most important step of your flight training adventure is research. Your inquiries have led you here to the American Helicopters website, and we hope you will find the answers to all of your questions regarding our programs, the FAA minimum requirements for certification, and anything else you may be wondering about as you move one step closer to three-dimensional flight. Expand the sections below for details on prerequisites and training.


You must be a US citizen or an FAA/TSA approved non-US citizen registered for training in the US. We can assist you with registration. Note: a background check for all non-US citizens is done by the US government prior to any training.

As with all FAA training, you must be fluent in speaking, writing and understanding the English language.

You must pass a physical by an FAA authorized doctor. The average fee for such is about $90. To locate an Aviation Medical Examiner near you, click here.

Detailed information regarding FAA training requirements and medical requirements, can be found on the FAA website: www.faa.gov. For information concerning TSA's Alien Flight Training/Citizenship Validation Rule, click here.

For more information, or assistance, you can call and speak to our customer service staff, or an instructor during business hours 7 days a week or send us an email.


Our largest classroom can accommodate up to 18 students at a time. It has been approved as an important aspect of our Part 141 certification. While you are training with us, you'll have access to internet and on-line scheduling, plus real-time weather.


We have a state-of-the-art fixed-position flight simulator available to augment your training efforts. So foul weather or fair, American Helicopters can be your training destination. Over 7 feet of screen space and realistic cyclic, collective and pedal controls provide an immersive training experience for both Robinson and Jet Ranger students.