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American Helicopters provides first-class charter services with our Bell Jet Ranger. Helicopter charters are perfectly suited to accessing crowded and hard-to-reach places. From hotel roofs to fields, they can land in relatively tight spaces, enabling access to city centers and remote regions. Whether you are going to a meeting in a busy city, taking a trip to the ski slopes or having a weekend getaway to the beach, helicopter charter is the ideal solution. Our highly qualified helicopter pilots will whisk you away to your destination with ease and style. Please let us know how we can assist with your next business trip, vacation or special event.
Air Charter


Popular tours include the beautiful Shenandoah Mountains and valleys, battlefields, lakes, and rivers. We can plan a custom tour to include views of your property and house or views of job sites, buildings, farms or construction progress.

Want an exciting day? Come take a ride or introductory flight lesson with American Aviation and we promise it to be an adventure of a lifetime.


We have photography professionals on staff, with a full compliment of production and imaging equipment - from cameras to high-resolution printers, even a video editing suite. We also provide aerial platforms for some of the best professional photographers in the region.

All of our pilots are trained and experienced in the art and techniques of aerial photography flying. We know how to position photographers for the best shots, and we keep it safe at all times. With advanced notice, we are able to obtain waivers for missions within the flight restricted zone around Washington, DC.

We offer the following aerial imaging services:

  • Camera Platforms (R22, R44 or Turbine Helicopter)
  • Aerial Photography and Video
  • Surveying
  • Construction Progress Photos and/or Video
  • Real Estate Photography (for Realtors or Homeowners)
  • Video Production and Editing

  • R22 Beta II with pilot - $270/hour
  • R22 Beta II with pilot, in FRZ - $270/hour
  • R44 Raven II with pilot - $490/hour
  • Turbine Helicopter - CALL

  • Wait time on ground - $50/hour
  • Cancellation fee - One hour helicopter charge
  • (if less than 24 hour notice, except for weather)
  • Minimum flight time - One hour
  • Photographer and Equipment - Negotiated per project
Call or email today for an estimate on your project.


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